Orpaz CZ P07/09 THUMB Holster, Belt


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  • Custom molded with nylon 6 polymer to fit the CZ P07 and the CZ P09 tight and secured
  • Thumb Lock & Release mechanism that provides you with quick access and level 2 retention
  • Fully adjustable with a M5 Allen key (included) for retention and rotation
  • Designed to fit securely on a 2 inch and 1.5 inch wide Belt
  • Made in Israel by a veteran of the Israeli police SWAT unit

Availability: In stock


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The Orpaz CZ P07 Holster and CZ P09 Holster is custom molded with nylon 6 polymer to fit the CZ P-07 and CZ P-09, giving your handgun a secured fit.
With the Thumb Release feature you have instant access to your handgun, and level 2 retention that engages the trigger guard area during re-holstering, keeping the handgun secure at all times.
Another feature that helps your handgun stay secured inside this holster, is the retention adjustment screw that can be tighten or loosen depends on the ease of presentation and level of security that you are comfortable with.

This model of Orpaz CZ 07/09 Holster comes with a BELT attachment that is designed to securely fit on a 2 inch and 1.5 inch wide Belt

Another special feature about this Orpaz CZ P07 and CZ P09 holster is the 2-piece design that allows the holster to be rotated to the angle you like, it can easily be adjusted with the Allen key provided.

This holster can fit also this CZ models: CZ P-07 , CZ P-07 OD Green , CZ P-09 , CZ P-09 OD Green

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